Instant car loan: loan a car and receive cash quickly


An auto instant loan is your unbureaucratic path to short-term liquidity. If banks refuse to give you a loan, loan your vehicle and secure cash on hand – immediately and on fair terms.

You should only take out an auto loan contract with an experienced and reputable partner. If you lend your vehicle to us for a maximum of three months, you can be sure that the agreed amount will be paid out quickly. You receive an instant car loan not only for renting a car, but also for other used vehicles.

Easily loan a car with our instant car loan

Easily loan a car with our instant car loan

We do not expect miracles from you for an instant car loan. The process is very straightforward and our transparency leaves no questions unanswered. You are separated from your short-term liquidity in two steps: First, provide us with important information about your vehicle and answer questions such as

  • What type of vehicle do you want to legend?
  • How old is your car or
  • How many kilometers has the vehicle already covered?

You hand over the vehicle to us when you have all the necessary documents with you, such as the vehicle registration document. After the contract is signed, you will immediately receive the cash from us. Promised!

Our instant car loan offers many advantages

Our instant car loan offers many advantages

Everything about your car instant credit should be discreet? Then you are at the right address. For example, the credit rating remains completely outside. We do not query your score there and of course we do not check your income either. The real property value is the only factor that determines the amount of your instant loan.

You can also trust that we will never inquire about your reasons for the loan and will place your vehicle in an insured building. Finally, benefit from our decades of experience in the automotive and pawn business.

Simply trigger the car instant loan or sell it entirely

Easily loan a car with our instant car loan

You can get an instant car loan from us if you loan your vehicle for a maximum of three months. We will then hand over the vehicle to you with all the documents that we have noted in the handover protocol that you have signed.

If you would like to extend the loan for a further three months, we are the last to stand in your way. You can even sell your car completely. If you would like to trigger it before the agreed term, just give us a call. 

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