Monthly Archive: March 2020

Finance the development of his garage with the works credit

Protecting your car is essential to protect it from malicious acts or the ravages of the weather. And the garage remains the best solution: it allows the vehicle to be protected from the weather and theft and can reduce the cost of insurance.

But building a garage can be expensive, between $ 4,000 and $ 15,000, depending on the type of garage and whether it is built by a professional or not. The consumer loan is the solution to finance this work and ensure a warm and sheltered place for your car.




When a driver invests in the purchase of a new car, he must think about mechanical maintenance… but not only. A car ages much better if it sleeps every night in a garage rather than on the street. The bodywork is less subject to the risk of scratches or hail. The engine and the whole car are not subject to morning frost either. But the garage also has a financial advantage since the price of insurance can drop if the car returns to the garage every night.





The construction or fitting out of a garage is done in several stages:

• Determine the type of garage desired: materials, soil, surface, etc.

• Carry out administrative procedures. For all constructions, it is compulsory to make a request to the town hall. If the garage is more than 20 m2, you must also apply for a building permit

• Prepare the ground, then the ground. It is strongly recommended to pour a concrete slab to support, thereafter, the weight of the vehicles;

• Build the wall and the roof. The garage can be built of concrete blocks, wood, or even prefabricated. The choice of materials is mainly made according to the budget and location;

• Finally, you must choose the last element, the door. The garage door is essential for the safety of your vehicle. There are many different kinds. Prices vary from 200 to 3000 $, depending on the closure system and the material.





To properly respect the different stages and not to neglect the safety of the work, a sufficient budget must be provided. Building a garage can be costly for a home. The solution is then to use the credit of the work.

This loan is used to finance the construction of the garage by determining the amount necessary to carry out the desired development.